Monday, August 18, 2014

In May we decided to road trip to California to go to Disneyland!  We stopped in Vegas on the way down just to break the trip up.  

Rest stop posing action

Bellagio gardens were amazing!

The kids loved the fountains!

I had to stop at Serendipity for a frozen hot chocolate!  (by the time I snapped this pic my $15.00 frozen hot chocolate was gone!!)  So i licked the cup!  It was delicious! 

We made it!  Sophie loves to get her picture taken on the Mickey ear!

No trip to Disneyland would be complete for us without a stop for Beigents!  So good!

Have to get a Dole Whip!

I took Finn on the Tower of Terror with me!  He was so scared!

I love our trips to Disneyland!  It's still such a magical place for my kids.  I love seeing them get excited about everything.

Here is Sophie with all her baby teeth.  She bit down on a ball and it totally made one of her bottom teeth loose.  So I thought I would snap a pic with her with all her teeth.

This is the next day... she bit down on something at school and came home in pain.  I asked her if she just wanted me to pull it out, and to MY Joy she said YES!  SO voila!  One less baby tooth for this girl!  She was so excited.  I can't believe how big she is getting!!

Tiny tooth!

Finn and Sophie graduate from PRESCHOOL!!
After 3 years these two are moving on up!
Watch out Kindergarten these guys are coming in hot!

Don't let Finn fool you he was excited.. just not for pictures!

Sophie and her best buddy Rakjo.
Funny story about Rakjo.. he asked his mom who he should marry.  His cute mom replied you find someone when your older that you know and will be your same same age......
So the next day Rakjo told his mom he knew who he was going to marry!
 He said SOPHIE SMOOT, then immediately said because then I get to live with FINN!
I just love this age!

Finn with his buddy Malachi

And then there is this little nugget!  He opened up a packet of instant oatmeal and spread it all over the carpet and played in it and licked it too!